“Born in rural Ontario, calling Toronto home, Mielke began performing her own music at the tender age of 14. Her wealthy on-stage history translates to a captivating performance. In a move for the refreshing, at least in terms of chart compatibility, her songs are also unbelievably unique. Fused with emotion and evocative imagery – a penchant she’s picked up through her extensive travels – the Canadian is able to carve a haunting, delicate and beautiful marble masterpiece out of her personal experiences. Combined, her powers as a vocalist and songwriter make her unstoppable.”

- xbEATZ

“Elissa grew up writing songs surrounded by forest in rural Ontario. Her soulful, raw vocals interlace with subtle piano melodies. She isn’t afraid to laugh at herself as she takes her audience on a sonic exploration of youth, lost love, dive bars and strip malls. A sharp-witted lyricist who can set the room on fire without anybody noticing.”

- MforMontreal Online

“Elissa grew up singing German hymns at her local church; the husk of choral folk still affects her voice. …Over the past few years in particular has drawn a likeness to Laura Veirs and Regina Spektor in her ability to manipulate her voice to imitate a song’s melody. She’s as original as her juniors, breeding a special concoction of Canadian Americana, folk, pop and sonic exploration in place of using a traditional piano and guitar arrangement.”

- Drunken Werewolf


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