Posted on by Elissa Mielke

I'm glad you're here.
I'm happy to have this online home for my music and all of its incarnations. 
This is the place to find exclusives on current projects, new songs, creative struggles, and upcoming shows.
Many of you have supported my music from the beginning; as always, I'm grateful for your support.
As I move forward, my sound will continue to grow and develop. But I promise to continue creating music that is thoughtful, honest and hopefully evokes something unexpected in you. 
I hope to create beautiful experiences, and protect the integrity of my creative process as I explore new opportunities.
I have a lot planned for this year; finishing my degree last June means I can focus on my creative process full-time. I've spent time writing with producers and writers in many different cities this year and will continue to travel for new inspiration.


It is a great responsibility and a great freedom to pursue what I love. I am excited to continue on this journey with all of you. 
Thank you for keeping me company.

Love, Elissa

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