It's a New Year. How on earth did this happen.

Posted on by Elissa Mielke

Firstly: I think I owe you all an update, especially with all the support and love coming in so far this year.

I loved playing my first show of 2013 at the Silver Dollar; it's inspiring to see more of you coming out to shows every time. 
I think secretly, performing is my favourite part of my process right now.
All the invisible work I do in my apartment suddenly comes to life in a new way once you're part of it.

But then other things happen live too, like I tell you about rediscovering spinach and accidentally including some spinach leaves with my demos. 
And my synth decides to sound totally different than when in soundcheck.
She has a mind of her own, that girl!
Thank you for coming and listening.
I've been going through show requests for the next few months- stay posted- there are some good ones coming up.

Some of you asked what in the world I've been up to. Also someone on YouTube insightfully noted that they were glad I hadn't disappeared off the face of the earth.
... I'm glad too. 
So here's a quick summary of what I'm up to while still existing:

  • Recording demos! Lots of them! And writing constantly, trying to get to know my keyboard and synths better.

  • Working on simple videos to update my Youtube channel with some performances that actually show what I can do! For now there are some song videos up like this one.

Keep checking back for updates, and I'll make sure you're updated. 
Let's make 2013 the year we do all the things we usually just talk about!

Love, Elissa