Hi, guess what.

Posted on by Elissa Mielke

Something magical happened!
I've finally found a path that could lead to a wonderful first album.

By some glorious act of God I find myself in a studio with three amazing producers & writers. They are geniuses, but humble ones- so I feel like my potential is celebrated while learning how little I actually know about songwriting.

I am finally exploring without walls. We're allowing my songs to be dance songs, electro songs, sad folk, modern hymns, moody rock- seeing where they come to life. Discovering where my music fits and where it doesn’t. 

As a result, my future tracks will sound different than what I’ve done in the past. I am discovering that I can make music with integrity and beauty, in a new way that I hadn't imagined. I hope you'll be open to growing with me.

I’m fortunate to be at the start of this process, where labels and managers don’t yet have their hand in what I create. So I am trying to fully develop a strong voice that has deep enough roots to stay strong- even when other voices join the discussion in the future.

I have one more show before I lay low for a little while to write and really focus on developing these songs. June 19 at Clinton's. It's a short set, just 20 mins.
Come by if you'd like to say hello. Cover is $10 but the bands are coming from far away so you might not get to hear them in this city for a while. Worth the money I think.

I wish you inspiration and joy on your journey, wherever you're at.
Thank you for supporting me.

Watch for a new update next week. 
I'll tell you how I stay motivated as a self-employed creative human, and fight off dragons of apathy & self-defeat. Learning!