Minor: A Canadian Feature Film

Posted on by Elissa Mielke

Hi and welcome to my update.
For the last few months, I've been working on a feature film called Minor .

In the the film I play a teenage girl & singer who steals a car with her best friend. They drive across the country with the dream of starting a new life.

We'll be filming Minor this October & November- driving from Niagara Falls across the United States to end in L..A., where my character somewhat finds herself.

My co-actress is Tess Parks, an intelligent, talented artist recently signed to 359 Music. I'm already so inspired by collaborating with her.

We're all making this film as a love project, so it's lots of work to seek out funding. Check out the kickstarter page and our videos to learn more.

I'd love to meet you at the promo show for Minor! It's being held at the Silver Dollar on October 4th with a great lineup of bands. 

Check back for more about these other projects:

- Playing with looping and various pedals to add layers to my live sound. Look for that in my live sets later this year!

- Piles of grant-writing, in hopes of enough funding to record a great ep this winter.

- A pilot for a series where two musicians from different backgrounds & genres are thrown in a studio together for two days to write a song. (Wait until you see this studio...)

As always, I'm grateful for your support!



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