My EP is out today!

Posted on by Elissa Mielke

Hey guess what, my EP comes out today!
Buy it here to support (and look for it on iTunes in two weeks!)
I'm happy to have it out in the world and am excited to keep writing and playing shows now. 
In case you missed the leadup to it (everyone hire Auteur Research, they are absolute geniuses at getting the word out), here are some things to check out:

For one, my first music video ever- leading this post.

Other cool things going on around the new tracks:
I heard my songs on the radio for the first time! Much love to CBC and all the other stations (list soon) that are spinning the track. So encouraging.

I love Vice and was happy to talk to them about the EP. Check my interview at Noisey (Vice)! and then peek at this Daily Vice segment that talks about some pretty important stuff going in the world annnd has me chatting about the EP and how we made it!
Drunken Werewolf premiered the single and I am so grateful for their support all the time. Also
this delightful interview or this in-depth one, or these kind words from Novella.

The EP Release show is September 9th at the Drake Underground in Toronto. Dreamy guests and more shows around the world TBA.

Thank you for supporting me! I have so many more songs I want to share with you and will keep investing and working and doing this because I love it and I can't help it, it's my favourite thing to do! Much love and talk to you soon.